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I am dedicating this site to the memory of my wife

Bronwen Marchant
30th June 1944 - 30th October 2005

who gave me so much support and encouragement in this and many
other endeavours throughout our 43 years together and loved cruising
on our boat on the Norfolk Broads.

I would like to thank the following individuals, groups, organizations and companies for their help and support for this project. The list is not in any particular order, and the list is not complete, but will be added to as I work through my notes!

John Hazell for all the time, support, encouragement, technical know-how and problem solving that has gone into creating this website and meeting all my design criteria.

The late Richard Parrott for his help and encouragement in the early days of my research. Richard had a wide experience if movable structures and his further contribution to my project would have been invaluable.

Neil Arlidge and The Tuesday Night Club ( for their excellent website which offers so much information and for their generous donation of over 320 images from their extensive library to this project.

Peter Hardcastle ( for sharing his wealth of knowledge, particularly of abandoned, derelict and disused canals, and donating photographs.

Adge Roberts - especially for his knowledge of the Chichester Canal and the Portsmouth and Arundel Canal based on the huge contribution he has made to the preservation and conservation on those systems.

James Garon - for all his help and his careful scrutiny of my reports of bridges especially around London.

Tim Lewis - for his watchful eye as he cruises about the waterways spotting bridges that aren't already on the website and for his advice on London Docklands supported by many photographs.

Mike Penrice - and his wife Barbara - for advice about and images of various bridges, and for braving the elements to get out and about in an unpredictable English Summer to find and photograph more.

Chris Thompson - for bringing me up to speed on the Rotherham waterways and his enthusiasm to get out around South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire finding and photographing even more bridges.

Geoff Topp, former Mersey Pilot, for his photographs and recollections of Liverpool and Birkenhead Docks.( )

Jon Wornham for his information and images of bridges on the Isle of Man. (

The Revd. David Long ( ) for his help and advice on the Sankey (St. Helen's) Canal. Very early on David set me a challenge to trace the story of the 8th arch in Seven Arches Bridge over the Mersey. I have spent quite a bit of time searching for the answer without success so far. I have a suspicion that the 8th arch was a sliding bridge but can't prove it - yet!

Tony Haskell, author of 'By Waterway to Taunton', Somerset books 1994

Brian Murless, archivist for Somerset Industrial Archeological Society. ( )

J. Cordiner and the staff of the Manchester Ship Canal Company ( for their support and the wealth of material that they sent me very promptly when I asked for help. I look forward to adding information about the bridges of the MSC over the next few weeks based on this material.

British Waterways Personnel for their support and advice. In the very early days of my research I was sent a copy of BW's database of movable bridges for which they were responsible. This really kick started the project and began to give me an idea of how much I had taken on.

Ordnance Survey who have agreed in principle to us providing a hot link from the grid reference in each bridge report direct to the OS on-line get-a-map service, to help visitors to our site locate bridges they are interested in. This part of our website will be introduced as soon as we have ironed out the technical aspects with OS. (

Many individuals whose names I did not always find out but who offered suggestions and bridges during chats on the river bank, in river side pubs or riding in my taxi! (and apologies to anyone that I bored by going on about this project!) As examples I first learned of bridges such as the Telescopic bridge over the River Perrett, the Kincardine Bridge and the possibility of a former swing bridge over Eyewater at Eyemouth in such conversations, amongst many.

Canal societies and trusts for the information they have provided which has helped me to identify and locate movable bridges. As time permits the report field 'support groups' will be populated with the details of the many groups working to maintain, rejuvenate and recreate our canals and water ways.