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Movable Bridges in the British Isles
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About this site

A few notes to explain the structure and terminology used.

The information presented for each of the bridges is true and accurate as far as we know based on research carried out by Stewart.

Bridge numbers

Each bridge that I have identified has been entered into a database and allocated a unique number for easy identification.

Where I have later found that a bridge was not actually movable it has been deleted and the number has not been re-allocated.

On some occasions I have found that one bridge has been allocated 2 references under different names. Once confirmed one reference has been removed as above.

On a number of canals and waterways bridges carry bridge numbers specific to that waterway. Where appropriate this number is included in the stated name of the bridge.

Grid references refer to the location of a bridge on the Ordnance Surveys national grid system. In the majority of cases these are based on my own map reading skills. Short of standing on each and every bridge with a GPS device I cannot guarantee absolute accuracy. In a few cases where I have serious doubts about the exact location of a bridge I have made a note of this under ‘general notes’.

Guide reference refers to the volume and page number on which the bridge location appears in the Nicholson Guide to the Waterways series, published by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd in collaboration with Ordnance Survey. This location reference is included even if the the guide does not show the bridge as a movable structure.

Bridge condition refers to the observed state of the bridge at the time of the last known visit by a researcher or contributor. The stated condition does not offer any guarantee that the statement is still accurate.

Waterway Maps. These hand drawn sketch maps take some time to produce, and more will be added as time permits.

They are not to scale, nor even to a consistent scale from one to the next. They are intended to give a rough guide as to where to find a particular bridge.

All maps are drawn showing north to the top of the page.